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How to Write Sketch Comedy for a Global Market

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    Shaula Evans

    - Sketches that work best on an international level are those concerned with basic human character and situation. No matter what their nationality, people have the same concerns, the same relationships to their fellow human beings, and the same idiosyncracies and foibles.

    – Foreign producers love dialogue-free visual sketches….

    – Writing sketches for another country should not feel as though you are stepping into an unknown void. Basically it is about being sensible. They may not have branches of Burger King or Kwik Save in the country you are writing for but they will have fast food outlets and supermarkets. If you’re not sure, ‘Internationalise’ your sketch by being generic rather than specific.

    – Don’t get yourself tied in too many knots trying to fit a sketch into some uneasily defined mould of another nationality or try to double guess what you think will make people in that country laugh, in the end you can only submit what you believe will work

    — Excerpted from Writing Comedy for Overseas Markets by Jenny Roche

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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