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    Shaula Evans

    Welcome to the GOYOQ Forum!

    Update: some areas of the forum are only visible to registered users who have signed the terms of use. So if you are browsing the forums and you aren’t logged in… you are missing out on most of the active conversations in the forum. FYI – Shaula

    How can you get started?

    1. Read this post from Scott about some background on the forums and Go On Your Own Quest.

    2. Introduce Yourself and get to know your fellow  Questers.

    3. Did you miss out on any of the GOYOQ series over the summer? Now’s your chance to catch up. Start with the Core series here, and then pick up with the Prep series here. And let us know how your GOYOQ script is going.

    4. Cast your votes for the top resources in Action, Comedy and Drama–and let us know what else you’d like to see in the Genre Essentials Series.

    5. Experience any bugs? Have questions about the software? Leave us a note in the Tech Support section.

    6. Thoughts on how to make the forums more useful to you? Leave us a note in the Ideas & Feedback section.

    Most of all, make yourselves at home, and enjoy the chance to get to know each other. We hope the GOYOQ forums will help us all help each other write the best possible GOYOQ scripts.

    & your moderator team

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