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    Shaula Evans

    Hello, New Visitors! Welcome to the Black Board.

    Here’s some information to help you find your way around our site.

    The best place to start? We recommend checking out “Yes, And / Yes, Let’s“. It’s a discussion about the philosophy behind our community and it sheds a lot of light about how we operate.

    What else do you need to know about “the rules” here? They’re mostly common sense (we’re a relaxed crowd). We stay on topic about writing, we respect each other, we try to describe our own process rather than prescribe behaviour for other writers, and all in all that combines to create a pretty upbeat and productive community. (We don’t talk politics or religion, just writing, and that keeps flame wars at bay.) We’ve got a moderation policy in the top right corner of the site if you want a reminder, too.

    What do we talk about here? We’ve got three primary areas about writing:

    1. TV Writing
    2. Screenwriting
    3. General Writing

    The first two sections are self-evident. The third is the “all of the above” category, for discussions relevant to TV AND screenwriting–almost all of which is relevant to our fiction-writing friends, too.

    Looking for our Logline Workshop? Here you go: Logline Workshop

    Want more? We’ve also got some special content areas:

    1. Everything Black List – which includes our ongoing Q&A with Black List founder Franklin Leonard  (go on, ask him a question: he doesn’t bite, either)
    2. Go Into The Forum – where Scott Myers of Go Into The Story shares exclusive guest posts
    3. Go On Your Own Quest! – a comprehensive introduction to screenwriting
    4. Sketch Comedy – a supportive environment where you can try your hand at writing short-form comedy
    5. Genre Essentials – everything you ever wanted to know about writing your favorite genre

    Itching to get going?

    New to forum software? These links will help:

    Make yourself at home. Ask questions. Share your advice. Mingle. Learn from each other. Be nice. That’s the short version.

    We can’t wait to meet you!

    Shaula and your moderator team

    PS Our members have put together a special guide to help you get started, Making the Most of the Black Board. Take a look if you’d like some insider tips about the site, and as you make your own discovers, please share tips of your own! And Great Places to Get Started is a collection of some of the most fun discussions on our site.

    PPS When you make a comment or pose a question on a thread, that thread bumps to the top of the list of the Recent Comments on the sidebar, and since all threads are active and open for discussion, please feel free to add to any of the threads — newer or more dated.

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    It’s kind of sinister the way you can see them Shaula…

    But welcome new browsers.

    Join in the conversations.

    Please introduce yourself and don’t feel you have to include your whole C.V. if you don’t want to.

    My own introduction is brief. To quote Shaula I think she said it’s “not really very informative”.




    Shaula Evans

    You are our resident Woman of Mystery, TQA, but some other people do choose to be… more voluble and gregarious.

    And everyone is welcome on their own terms and in their own style.


    Shaula Evans

    As we wrap up our big launch day, I want to say thank you to the brave folks who found us and jumped right into the conversation! We’re really happy to have your company and it’s made the day extra exciting to get to meet a bunch of new writers. I hope you found that we live up to what it says on the tin: people here don’t bite, everyone is welcome, and we really do want to help each other accomplish our writing goals and become better writers.


    Andrew Stancek

    I am going around in circles, which is par for the course for me.  I see a post from earlier today from Ellen but don’t know how to start a new thread and someone said start at Welcome New Visitors so here I am .  I will do a real intro later, once I am really in the right spot.  Shaula is my goddess who encouraged me to come here, even though I write fiction and not screenplays and hope to use the Quest workshop starting Monday to write a novel.

    Looking forward to working with you all.  Cheers!  Andrew


    Shaula Evans

    Looking for Yolanda’s introduction? You can now find it in the intro section, here: Yolanda Lewis

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